Space Heater Guide

- Electric Space Heaters, Gas Space Heaters, Energy Efficient Space Heaters

We can help you find the perfect space heater based on your needs. At Northern Tool, we realize that deciding which space heater to choose can be time consuming. With all the different heater types and models, which one is right for you? We make it easy! Here is what you need to know about space heaters and all the different types to choose from. You might also be interested in our garage heater buying guide.

  • Electric: Electric space heaters are clean, quiet and easy to install. This heater version is usually the preferred option, as you likely only have to plug it into the wall, and most are portable and can be moved easily. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t leave electric space heaters unattended while turned on, and to keep it out of damp or wet areas unless it is designed to be outdoors.
  • Gas & Propane: There are a variety of gas and propane space heaters that offer both a propane and natural gas connection in one model. Propane and gas heater options generally more dangerous than electric, however they are great for emergency use (like a power outage). Also note that these heaters can pose a carbon monoxide hazard and are best suited for screened in porches and other large well ventilated outdoor areas.
  • Energy Efficient: There are many different energy efficient space heater options out on the market today. Although it’s important to focus on the heater model itself, most infrared space heater options are energy efficient, and the most popular in that category.

The space heaters listed below work well in most rooms. If you want to heat a small portion of your garage, or other small spaces, portable space heaters may be a better option. For larger spaces you might want to shop for industrial heaters. We also provide a wide selection of infrared heaters and ceramic heaters that might suit your garage heating needs. We hope this short guide makes your shopping experience at Northern Tool a little bit better!

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